What is this?

Keep Up News is a news startup founded to deliver unbiased, compact news to our readers. We do this by publishing daily reports summarizing each day's essential news content in less than five minutes of reading time.

How we write reports:

  1. Browse and sort all essential content produced by Reuters, The AP, NPR, CNN, Fox News, and several aggregation sites
  2. Track down original sources
  3. Read to understand message
  4. Summarize in minimally-worded bullet points to avoid verbal bias

Who is behind all this?

Student and news enthusiast Aidan Higgins. He can be reached via email here.


We are unsatisfied with the direction of prevailing journalism and news aggregation. We want to understand what is going on in the world without having to waste time or be influenced by partisan reporting.

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Still want more?

Keep Up News is currently working on a YouTube video detailing the reporting process. It will be out soon!